Welcome to Mr Fu´s attic

Mr Fu inhabits a comfy attic at the top of an old house somewhere in the world.

The attic has a skylight which welcomes the coming of the night, whether it be cloudy or rainy or a velvety black curtain may peer through, sprinkled with silvery stars.


The skylight makes the ceiling vanish
and the stars like tiny starfish
make Mr Fu dream of distant lands

In winter, as Christmas draws near, snowflakes secretly conspire to blanket the window pane. But Mr Fu´s eyes and mind go beyond the skylight to imaginary worlds where the unusual is every day or every night matter.

I can see Mr Fu smile. He has concocted a new story. For Mr Fu is a composer of tales as he loves to set pen to paper to recreate the travels of his imagination.

Soon children the world over will smile with his stories. He has decided to make them known and soon enough these tales will be bound in a lovely collection and published for all to read.

Let me tell you about the unique illustrations for Mr Fu is also a magnificent artist. Colourful, whimsical characters will leave a door ajar for you to open it widely and experience the unusual.

Are you ready for the journey? Tickets are available for both children and adults. The price ... just a few minutes of your time.

Roll up, ladies and gentlemen! Roll up, girls and boys!

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